Multilingual translation agency - translation and interpreting: high-quality services in France

June 26, 2024

Looking for high-quality translation and interpretation services in France? Discover Alpis, a multilingual translation agency renowned for its excellence. From translating documents to interpreting in real-time, Alpis provides comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs. With a firm commitment to quality and client satisfaction, Alpis ensures precise and professional services, solidifying its place as a top choice for businesses and individuals alike. Ready to elevate your multilingual communication? Read on.

Overview of Alpis translation and interpreting agency

Founded over eight years ago in Paris, Alpis Translation and Interpreting Agency has rapidly expanded nationally and internationally. With offices in major French cities like Paris, Lyon, and Marseille, as well as in Milan, Brussels, London, and Luxembourg, Alpis offers a comprehensive range of professional translation services

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Range of Services

Alpis provides diverse services including:

  • Sworn translations
  • Legal translations
  • Commercial and marketing translations
  • Technical translations
  • Website translations
  • Urgent 24/7 translations
  • Legalization and apostilles

Additionally, the agency excels in audiovisual services such as dubbing, subtitling, and transcription. Their interpreting services cover all languages, ensuring broad accessibility for clients.

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Commitment to quality

Each client is assigned a dedicated project manager, guaranteeing personalized and timely service. Alpis employs certified professional translators and interpreters in over 100 languages, rigorously selected to ensure high-quality and discreet service. A final quality control check verifies terminology, style, and adaptation, maintaining their high standards. For more information, visit

Expertise and quality assurance at Alpis

Alpis prides itself on its rigorous selection and certification of translators and interpreters. Every professional is meticulously chosen to ensure they meet the highest standards. Certified translators are fluent in over 100 languages, ensuring accurate translation services across various fields.

Quality control processes

To maintain exceptional quality, Alpis implements a multi-step quality control process. This includes:

  • Initial review by the assigned translator
  • Peer review by another expert
  • Final quality control check to verify terminology, style, and adaptation

Dedicated project managers

Each client is paired with a dedicated project manager. These managers are experts in translation project management and ensure that every project is handled with the utmost care and precision. This personalized approach guarantees that all client needs are met promptly and efficiently.

By combining certified translators, thorough quality checks, and dedicated project management, Alpis consistently delivers top-notch translation quality assurance. Their commitment to excellence makes them a reliable choice for any translation or interpreting needs.

Specialized translation and interpretation services

Alpis excels in legal document translation and technical translation, offering precise, contextually accurate services. Their technical translation experts handle complex materials across various industries, ensuring specialized terminology is correctly used.

For businesses, Alpis provides marketing translation solutions that adapt content to resonate with target audiences in different languages. This service includes translating advertisements, brochures, and other promotional materials, maintaining the original message's impact.

In the realm of interpretation, Alpis offers simultaneous interpretation for conferences, consecutive interpretation for meetings, and business interpretation for negotiations. These services ensure clear and effective communication in multilingual settings.

Alpis' multilingual interpretation services cater to diverse needs, from corporate events to legal proceedings, ensuring that language barriers do not hinder communication. Their interpreters are proficient in various languages, providing accurate and culturally sensitive interpretations.