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We know we provide the only true multimedia CeMAP training available in the UK today.

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You have often come across mortgage term when it comes to applying for loans. We humans as such end up taking loans for several reasons. And the places we apply for often ask for guarantee of repayment of the loan. Some go ahead with witness signature techniques, where the person who signs on behalf of you is responsible to make you pay back the loan. Some companies or banks ask for property as mortgage. In general Mortgage is an agreement to give up an interest in something if you fail to perform your duties. Thus mortgage is more of a pledge to repay your monthly interest and the full amount when you take up a loan.

It is quite common when you take home loans for buying homes. The bank lends you large sums of money knowing that they can claim your home if you fail to repay your dues.

As for employees who are concerned with mortgage advisory, mortgage qualification is thought out to be a significant qualification.

There are several institutions in many countries who train students to clear the mortgage exams. They implement innovative ideas and use advanced training tools to train students who approach them to clear the CeMAP exam. Their curriculum and training program is designed in such a way just to meet the requirements of both the students as well as CeMAP exam.

There are several advantages of CeMAP training and they are listed below:

  • CeMAP qualification allows students to practice as mortgage advisors in UK
  • It enhances knowledge and allows students to become proficient in their work
  • Not only does it raise their knowledge in terms of mortgage advisory, they also make them professional and make them reputed advisors.
  • Currently the mortgage industry has several openings and they need qualified mortgage advisors. However to become one among the professionals, people who aspire to do so need to pass the CeMAP exam.
  • Not only can these trained advisors join a reputed company to practice as advisors, CeMAP qualifications allows them to start their own mortgage advisory business. Moreover there are several companies with open vacancies demanding for mortgage advisors all across the world. So opportunities for a qualified professional are quite vast once he completes his training and clears his CeMAP exam.

The training covers three parts of the exam. CeMAP1, CeMAP2, CeMAP3. These areas are covered with a broad approach just to train the students for their exams and final revision. Thus any candidate aspiring to become a mortgage advisor needs to undergo the training procedures to pass the exam.

The qualification is then validated by the prestigious institution called as ‘ifs School of finance’. This institution also provides professional training for students who aspire to be a part of finance services industry.

Career wise, the growth in the industry is humongous. The qualification gives the license for the students to practice and their performance takes them to the top of the ladder.

For more details, you can always surf through the internet and there are thousands of websites to help you with information. But do check for the credentials. Cemaptraining.com is good site which provides all the necessary details for you.

All course costs include all training books, IFS mock exam papers and revision guides, and e-mail support.

Our home study course is one of the most comprehensive and best value available in the the UK. Contact us now on CeMAP@hernegroup.com for more information.

CeMAP Training Syllabus
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CeMAP for Mortgage Qualifications
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