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CeMAP training with home study

We know we provide the only true multimedia CeMAP training available in the UK today.

We believe we provide the best value training for CeMAP that you can Buy.

Telephone us now on 01592 743131 or e-mail us on info@hernegroup.com to find out why.

Tips on selecting the best CeMAP training courses

CeMAP is the gateway to a highly rewarding career in the mortgage industry, and it is essential that aspirants wishing to become mortgage advisors receive the most comprehensive training possible to pass the CeMAP exams..

The CeMAP exams are conducted by the Institute of Financial Services and the exams are all computer-based multiple choice exams. Each CeMAP exam is 2 hours long, with CeMAP 1 and 2 each comprising 100 multiple choice questions, and CeMAP 3 comprising 6 case studies with 10 multiple choice questions.

The challenges of the CeMAP exams are that you need to thoroughly learn the course content and pass the exams netting 70 percent. Please bear in mind that the best CeMAP training courses are five-days long. The best coaching companies teach the course content, conduct mock examine on a daily basis and supply full CeMAP revision notes.

Changes are constantly taking place in the syllabus of CeMAP exams and thus do not buy old CeMAP revision notes and waste money.

There are several CeMAP Training Companies – some of them offer CeMAP training through training centers, some coach through distance learning and others through online training. You can choose a training course that you will find most comfortable. But it is necessary to choose the right CeMAP training company lest all your efforts get wasted.

Though many CeMAP training companies are there, you certainly cannot expect to derive the same benefit from all the companies. You must bear in mind that quite a few CeMAP training companies are not able to provide quality training due to lack of qualified and experienced teaching staff. Thus, it is all the more important that you choose the most reliable and best CeMAP Training Company that has an efficient faculty.

Intensive CeMAP training courses are also available if you want to get the CeMAP training fast. Now-a-days you can also find several online training sites which can give you best CeMAP training. Choose a reliable online training company if you prefer to get online CeMAP training. Online CeMAP training may be both convenient and cost effective also.

Distance learning or online training is suitable only if you willing to do a lot of self-study and apply your full concentration, as no teacher is physically present. If you find it difficult to learn the CeMAP course without the guidance of a teacher, regular CeMAP training classes with one-to-one CeMAP training will be the ideal option, provided you can spare the time to attend the classes regularly.

Whether you opt for regular or distance learning or online CeMAP training option, the fact remains passing CeMAP lies in choosing the right and best CeMAP training company.

The chances of your passing CeMAP at the very first sitting is possible if you choose a good CeMAP training company and you learn with interest and involvement. Once you have mastered the CeMAP course subjects with the help of a good CeMAP training company, you can easily pass the CeMAP exams that are conducted on a regular basis throughout the year.

All your aspirations regarding the mortgage career will become real and leads you towards a promising future if you are careful while choosing CeMAP training company.

All course costs include all training books, IFS mock exam papers and revision guides, and e-mail support.

Our home study course is one of the most comprehensive and best value available in the the UK. Contact us now on CeMAP@hernegroup.com for more information.

CeMAP Training Syllabus
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