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CeMAP Articles

A Selection of Recently Published CeMAP Articles.

Here is a selection of recently published articles about careers in mortgage advise, CeMAP training, and the CeMAP qualification.

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Select the best CeMAP course

CeMAP has today become a very feasible career choice. This is because there are many openings for mortgage advisors today. Mortgage has become commonplace with banks today.

Go for Effective CeMAP training courses in UK

You have often come across mortgage term when it comes to applying for loans. We humans as such end up taking loans for several reasons. And the places we apply for often ask for guarantee of repayment of the loan.

Tips on selecting the best CeMAP training courses

CeMAP is the gateway to a highly rewarding career in the mortgage industry, and it is essential that aspirants wishing to become mortgage advisors receive the most comprehensive training possible to pass the CeMAP exams.

Basic things you need to know about CeMAP courses

CeMAP training - To those who may be less familiar, the Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP) is a qualification offered by the Institute of Financial Services (IFS)..

Importance and Advantage of CeMAP Courses

CeMAP training course can be the first and best step to climb towards the mortgage career. Whether you prefer to work as a self-employed or employed mortgage adviser, you can be greatly successful in your career if you pass the CeMAP exams.

Getting a Success with the right CeMAP training

CeMAP training courses can make you understand the concept of mortgage and mortgage business efficiently. The best and quick way to obtain a CeMAP qualification is to undergo some CeMAP training courses.

How to become a qualified mortgage broker?

CeMAP training courses are available for people whose career is based on mortgage or mortgage business. CeMAP training courses and home study courses and exams are very much useful for mortgage brokers who wish to improve their mortgage career.

Free CeMAP Training slots in London

CeMAP stands for The Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice. This is the degree given by the Institute of Financial Services (IFS).The requirements set by the Financial Services Skill Council is met by this examination.

Tips to Pass CeMAP Exam

The CeMAP Exam is quite tricky to pass as it is as much about knowledge as about technique. The Mortgage industry is a wide industry and therefore the syllabus for CeMAP exams comprise of financial services, assets, interest rates and products.

How to Prepare for Cemap Training?

If your intention is to embark on a career in Financial Services as a mortgage advisor, then the right thing to do is undergo CeMAP training course.

Facts about interesting CeMAP training

When comparing CeMAP training with other possible career options, the long term market growth situation is a critical factor in deciding whether CeMAP training is the right choice.

About ifs School of Finance

A brief introduction to the ifs School of Finance and its role in the financial services industry with CeMAP.

What is CeMAP?

This article is a brief introduction to CeMAP, and how this qualification can open doors in the mortgage adviser job market.

CeMAP Training for a Boom Market

The years 2007 and 2008 are likely to herald a boom market for anyone who has undertaken CeMAP training. Find out why more and more borrowers will be looking to remortgage in this period.

CeMAP Training for 2007

For anyone considering CeMAP training, you need to be aware of market trends so that you can plan your future. This article looks at recently release information on outlook for the mortgage industry.

CeMAP Training and the Market

How is CeMAP training affected by the latest mortgage market figures? This article explores this question and looks at the continued benefits of CeMAP training.

CeMAP Training Typical Study Schedules

CeMAP training from home offers a greater degree of flexibility than any other method. This article looks at some of the popular study options that students have used for their CeMAP training.

CeMAP Training and IFA's

Many Independent Financial Advisers are looking to build on their income stream by increasing their product offer. CeMAP training is one way of doing this by adding mortgages to the range of financial products offered by the IFA company.

CeMAP Training and Companies

Many employees of large companies have looked to their employer to provide CeMAP training. This article looks at the trend that is emerging where companies no longer provide this type of support.

CeMAP Training and Careers

People looking at CeMAP training as a new career start are concerned about the job opportunities once they have qualified. This article looks at the opportunities in the mortgage industry.

CeMAP Training versus CeFA

The CeMAP training syllabus can sometimes be confused with the CeFA syllabus. This article provides information on the major differences between the two.

CeMAP Training Syllabus Changes

The CeMAP training syllabus changes periodically to reflect the changes in legislation, taxtion, etc. Click on the link to find out more about the CeMAP syllabus update cycle.

CeMAP Training and Interest Rates

As interest rates rise is CeMAP training relevant? This article looks at the role of a mortgage adviser in a rising interest rate environment.

CeMAP 1 is Broad Reaching

The CeMAP 1 exam covers a wide ranging syllabus. This article explores the reasons behind this and looks at some of the syllabus in more detail.

CeMAP Exam Centres

Many students are confused by the CeMAP exam process, where the exam centres are located, and the format of the exam. This article addresses some of these issues.

CeMAP - What Next?

After the CeMAP Exams how are mortgage advisers kept up to date on changes in the industry. The ongoing training of advisers is explored is this article.

CeMAP Exam Structure

The CeMAP Exam structure can appear daunting at first. This is a brief overview of the three exams and their content and structure.

CeMAP training that Works

Enrolling for CeMAP Training can provide a challenge in choosing the best course for you. By ensuring that you choose wisely you can ensure that you achieve the results you need for your future career.

CeMAP Exam Order

The order in which you take your CeMAP exams can have a tremendous influence on the outcome. By choosing the correct order you can greatly enhance your chances of a first time pass.

CeMAP training for Greater Earning Power

CeMAP Training can provide the key for the greater earning power that is available as a mortgage adviser. Find out how this opportunity can be available to you.

CeMAP could be the Future

CeMAP Training could be the future for many today. Once qualified you can operate as a mortgage adviser in an industry that is expanding and could offer a much more secure future.

CeMAP Training for Prudential Employees

CeMAP Training could be the answer for some people affected by the latest round of redundancies from the Prudential. Up to 3,000 people may lose their jobs in the latest round of cuts from the Pru.

CeMAP Training is the Career Foundation

CeMAP Training is the vital start for your Career in the Mortgage industry. For all aspects of your work in the mortgage industry, the right CeMAP training from the start prepares you for the road ahead.

CeMAP Training at Home for a New Career

How CeMAP Training at home can prepare you for your new career as a mortgage adviser. One of the most popular forms of CeMAP training now available, home study offers many advantages over traditional classroom courses.

CeMAP - Change your Career, Study from Home

If you are desperate to change your career but don't have the flexibility or time, studying for a CeMAP at home could be the answer. The career opportunities after CeMAP training are tremendous, with a large range of jobs opportunities available.

CeMAP – Become a Qualified Mortgage Advisor

If you are thinking of changing your career, take a CeMAP qualification - there's never been a better time to become a mortgage advisor. The Job Market is crying out for people who have completed their CeMAP training and are ready to start their new careers.

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