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Click here to find out all about CeMAP and the Mortgage Industry

We know we provide the only true multimedia CeMAP training available in the UK today.

We believe we provide the best value training for CeMAP that you can Buy.

In fact, we guarantee that you will not find a comparable product anywhere at a lower price than you pay for our course.

We are so confident of this that if you find a comparable product cheaper than this anywhere within 7 days of purchasing this course, we will refund the price difference.

Telephone us now on 01592 743131 or e-mail us on info@hernegroup.com to find out about our revolutionary Virtual Training for CeMAP 1, CeMAP 2, and CeMAP 3 - The Complete Distance Learning Programme.

Do you want to Work as a Mortgage Adviser? Take the First Step on Your New Career - call 01592 743131 for more Information

How can this Course Help You to Pass?

This course revolutionises CeMAP training, combining the benefits of a full classroom course, with the advantages of self-study. The programme provides a fully interactive learning experience, that you can enjoy in your own time, at your own pace. The Course covers CeMAP 1, 2 and 3 – with a full multimedia experience.

Having no travel and accomodation costs also means that you are saving money over attending classroom based courses.

Customer Testimonial: I had considered taking a classroom course but the flexibility of the Distance Learning Course meant that I could plan my study time around my own needs.

CeMAP - Change your Career, Study from Home

Find out more about one of our student's experiences -
> > Click Here to read a Case Study for One of Our Students. < <

Customer Testimonial:

Thank you for your excellent training materials.

You have taken a fairly dry, intense subject and made it much easier to leaern by using the different training materials. I found the video training particularly useful and this, combined with the books, formed the majority of my studies. - DA

Job Opportunities

The Herne Group have now formed strategic alliances with a number of mortgage intermediaries and recruitment companies to offer employment interviews to candidates that pass the CeMAP exams using our Virtual Training Course.

Customer Testimonial: I used to work in the IT industry, and I have passed all three CeMAP exams in just 6 weeks using your course. The introductions you have given me mean that I have now embarked on my new career as a mortgage adviser. Thank you for making this major career change possible for me.

> > Click here to find out about Genuine Career Opportunities in the Mortgage Industry < <

Send us an e-mail for more information on how the CeMAP Training Course can help you on the road to your new career as a Mortgage Adviser, or call us on 01592 743131.

E-mail: virtualtraining@hernegroup.com

Pay Once and Study until you Pass

The Herne Group do not impose high pressure time limits onto your study. Yes, some students want to pass quickly and using our Virtual Training Course they can pass with just two weeks of study for each exam. Other students require more time because of family or business commitments. We will provide you with support until you pass your exams for a minimum of twelve months from your enrolment date.

Customer Testimonial: I have recently had a baby and time available to study depends on many factors. The long term commitment from The Herne Group means that my study schedule does not have to be rigidly adhered to. I can vary my study time as I need to and I know that full support will still be there.

Complete Distance Learning Package to Help You to Pass Your Exams for CeMAP 1, CeMAP 2, and CeMAP 3.

The comprehensive training programme that you will receive as the owner of a Complete CeMAP 1,2, & 3 Virtual Training Course is supplied on two PC CD ROMs and includes:

  • 27 Video Training Programmes containing all necessary training materials that you can watch again and again until you fully understand the content.(Supplied in RealMedia format for excellent quality)
  • 27 Audio MP3 Programmes containing all of the study material that you can play on your MP3 Player or iPod to help you to learn the subject, topic by topic.
  • Key fact books that provide the Key CeMAP Facts in an easy to read bulleted style based on the ifs School of Finance Revision Guides for CeMAP 1 and CeMAP 2.
  • The Herne Group Easy Study Guides, written in a way that is easy to follow, with useful aids to remembering the CeMAP material.
  • A selection of Exam Questions written by our own trainers covering the complete CeMAP syllabus, designed to help you to pass the exam first time.
  • As an Option, the ifs School of Finance e-learning CD can also be purchased at a tremendous discount. This provides full shadow bank questions, answers and case studies. All these are supported by indexed text to help you to learn the material.
  • Customer Testimonial: Using the different methods of training means that I am never just sat reading a book. The different study methods provided by the course ensure that I am always fully engaged in the learning experience.

For full information on the CeMAP Virtual Training Course, please send us an e-mail or call us on 01592 743131.

E-mail: virtualtraining@hernegroup.com

The Benefits of Learning in this Way are Tremendous.

  • Study at your own pace.
  • Revisit the material again and again until you are totally confident with the content.
  • Add more questions to the shadow bank available from the ifs School of Finance – these questions give you unprecedented levels of exam practice.
  • Support given in the form of the (Optional) ifs School of Finance CD ROM and Revision Guides is included in the pack – no need to purchase separately.
  • No need to travel to training centres for the courses, everything can be studied at home or in the office, using a PC or laptop.
  • Save hundreds of pounds off the cost of a traditional training course – typically over £1500 saved when compared with attending a training course.
  • Listen to the audio programmes anywhere, any time on your MP3 player or iPod.
  • Customer Testimonial: I had considered doing a crash course that claimed that it might get me through all of the exams in 3 weeks but there is no guarantee that I will succeed in this way, and I felt I was likely to forget everything as soon as I had sat the exam. I decided that the greater depth and flexibility of the Virtual Training Course was the professional way for me to start my new career.

For information on typical study schedules -
> > Click Here to view Two Typical Study Schedules that are Popular with our Students. < <

Armed Services Resettlement Opportunities

This CeMAP Training Course is approved by the Career Transition Partnership and Enhanced Learning Credits (ELCAS) for Armed Services Personnel resettlement training. So, if you are leaving the armed forces and looking for a new career, contact us now for details of how you can launch your new career in the mortage industry.

Both English and Scottish Exam Syllabus Covered

The exam in Scotland is different from the exams in England and Wales. This CeMAP Training course provides full support for both exams. So wherever you take your cemap exams, or plan to practise as a mortgage adviser, the CeMAP Virtual Training Course will prepare you for your chosen future. Many companies only offer training for the English syllabus, the CeMAP Virtual Training Course comprehensively covers both the English and Scottish exams.

A Wealth of Choices for Your CeMAP Training.

The CeMAP Virtual Training Course gives you choices – choices of when, where and how you study. Whether you watch a training video, listen to an audio programme, read a study guide, or practice taking the exams, you have the choice to use whatever medium suits you and your style of learning.

Customer Testimonial: I was pleasantly surprised by the very high quality of the materials that make up the Virtual Training Course. Of course, I knew everything would be professionally produced, but the quality of all of the materials far exceeded my expectations.

Take the First Steps to Your New Career by Contacting us

For more information on the CeMAP Virtual Training Course and your new career as a Mortgage Adviser, please contact us by e-mail, or call us for an informal discussion on your individual needs:

E-mail: virtualtraining@hernegroup.com

Tel: 01592 743131

Fax: 01592 620144

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