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Herne Group is an CeMAP training providers


CeMAP Training at Home for a New Career

CeMAP Training at home can prepare you for your new career as a mortgage adviser.

CeMAP Training – How it works

CeMAP training involves preparation for the three Exams CeMAP 1, CeMAP 2 and CeMAP 3. These exams test you on a variety of subjects including financial services regulation and mortgage products. CeMAP training had, for a long time, been conducted using a combination of text-books and classroom study. The Herne Group Home Study CeMAP Training course changed all that about three years ago.

CeMAP Training with Home Study

Using the Home Study CeMAP Training course means that it is now much easier for many people to understand the subject and to pass the CeMAP exams. Using a multimedia approach for CeMAP training has made the exams much more accessible for many people.

CeMAP Training with your own Private Tutor

Using the CeMAP Training Home Study course has been likened by many students to having your own private tutor. The DVD’s are the core element of the CeMAP training course, and on these the Herne Group Senior Trainer takes you through the syllabus step by step, just like being in a classroom but on a one to one basis. You have full control and can virtually design your own CeMAP training schedule, you can skip sections, repeat sections and study totally at your own pace.

CeMAP Training Questions Answered

In fact, as a student on the CeMAP Training Home Study course, you do have your own private tutor that you can contact by e-mail if you have any questions, or anything that you don’t understand. This means that you then receive a full written response that you can print out and keep with your CeMAP training notes.

On the Move with CeMAP Training

Everyone can multitask with Home Study CeMAP training by using the Audio CD’s in the car, a walkman, or by transferring the material onto an i-Pod or MP3 player. Students are amazed at how much extra studying can be done in this way, and how quickly they can learn by listening to the course while doing something else.

CeMAP Training by Home Study gives you:

· Options
· Thorough Knowledge
· Confidence

The Herne Group Home Study CeMAP training course doesn’t just teach you to pass the exams, it teaches you the complete syllabus. This helps greatly when you then start to look for employment in the mortgage industry as any potential employer will see that you have a well rounded knowledge and haven’t just got a paper qualification.

An Investment in CeMAP Training

CeMAP Training is an investment in your future career and by investing now, with CeMAP training from the Herne Group, you are ensuring the best possible start on the pathway to your new career in the mortgage industry.

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CeMAP training with home study

We know we provide the only true multimedia CeMAP training available in the UK today.

We believe we provide the best value training for CeMAP that you can Buy.

Telephone us now on 01592 743131 or e-mail us on info@hernegroup.com to find out why.


CeMAP Training Syllabus
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