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CeMAP Exam Structure

The CeMAP Exam Structure and format

CeMAP Exam Breakdown

CeMAP is broken into three exams, CeMAP 1, CeMAP 2, and CeMAP 3. The first two exams are 100 multiple choice questions each and are fact based exams, CeMAP 3 is 60 questions and is based on 6 case studies. Each exam is allocated 2 hours.

CeMAP 1 - The Financial Services Environment and Regulation

The CeMAP 1 syllabus is very broad ranging, covering a host of financial services products in addition to mortgages. It also covers many facets of the regulations that impact on the financial services industry and the role of a mortgage adviser. The exam is broken into two units.

CeMAP 1 Unit 1 is the introduction to the financial services environment and products and it covers these topics in detail.

CeMAP 1 Unit 2 covers financial services and regulation, with particular emphasis on the role of the Financial Services Authority approach to regulation.

CeMAP 2 - The Mortgage Industry and House Purchase Process

The CeMAP 2 syllabus is broken into 4 Units, each of which covers one particular topic area.

CeMAP 2, Unit 3 covers mortgage law, policy practice and markets covering the legal definitions required in the industry.

CeMAP 2, Unit 4 covers mortgage applications and the role of the adviser in providing advice to the borrower.

CeMAP 2, Unit 5 covers mortgage payment methods and products, and so gives an excellent grounding on the products available in today's marketplace.

CeMAP 2, Unit 6 teaches the procedures applicable in cases of mortgage arrears, and also other post completion matters such as second mortgages

CeMAP 3 - The Synoptic Exam

CeMAP 3 is the synoptic, or case study based exam which takes the knowledge primarily from the CeMAP 2 syllabus and converts this into six individual case studies that test your understanding of the information as well as the base knowledge itself. Each of these six case studies has ten associated questions that build a complete picture of the theoretical advice you would give to the client(s) in each case.

How can I Obtain Training for these CeMAP Exams?

CeMAP training using Home Study from the Herne Group uses a multimedia approach by giving you DVD's you can watch, audio CD's you can listen to, books you can read, and exams you can work through. This ensures that you receive the highest quality tuition, a detailed understanding of the syllabus, and the best chance to pass each exam first time.

A Vital Investment in CeMAP Training

CeMAP Training is an investment in your future career and by choosing the best course of action, with CeMAP training from the Herne Group, you will receive the most comprehensive start for your new role as a mortgage adviser.

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CeMAP training with home study

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